Ordinarily, for a wedding to take place at Nativity, at least one of the couple, or his/her family, must have been a member of Nativity of Mary parish for at least six months prior to beginning marriage preparation. Exceptions can sometimes be made for persons living within the canonical geographic area assigned to Nativity of Mary, or at the discretion of the pastor. Marriage preparation must begin at least six months before the date of the wedding. No wedding date is assured until it is cleared through the pastor's schedule and the church's schedule; it is prudent to do this before making arrangements for your reception or other commitments. The process begins with an intake meeting, to set the wedding date and orient the couple (see below).

The process includes a meeting with the pastor, a series of meetings with a mentor couple, and additional work done by the couple between meetings. Pre-Marriage Ministry Trained volunteer couples assist engaged couples to prepare for the sacrament of matrimony. The engaged couples are oriented to marriage practices here at Nativity, and take a professionally-scored pre-marriage inventory. A volunteer couple then helps the engaged couple to discuss and reflect upon the insights to be gained from the inventory results. As a fringe benefit, the volunteer couples find their own marriages enriched.

Please don't hesitate to call the parish and to speak with the priest or one of the members of the staff.





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