Faith and Food Truck Fall Fest at Nativity!

Posted on August 28, 2020 in: General News

Faith and Food Truck Fall Fest at Nativity!

Since the State Fair was cancelled this year, we decided to invite a variety of food trucks to Nativity on the weekends! This is not a fundraiser for the parish, but simply a fun way to get a little State Fair experience. It will also allow us to try some new foods and have an excuse to come by our beautiful parish on the weekend.

The food trucks will be in the South Parking Lot on Saturdays from 4:00-6:00pm and Sundays from 9:00am-noon, on September 19th-October 25th. 


Check out our schedule of food trucks below: *updated 9/25*

SATURDAY, September 19: Xstream Cuisine Caribbean
SUNDAY, September 20: Xstream Cuisine Carribean & Café Cairo

SATURDAY, September 26: Nautical Bowls
SUNDAY, September 27: Taco Fiesta Cancun

SATURDAY, October 3: Heavy Metal Grill
SUNDAY, October 4: Taco Fiesta Cancun

SATURDAY, October 10: Sumo Egg Rolls
SUNDAY, October 11: Sumo Egg Rolls

SATURDAY, October 17: Xstream Cuisine Caribbean
SUNDAY, October 18: Café Cairo

SATURDAY, October 24: Pigs Unlimited
SUNDAY, October 25: Pigs Unlimited


Since the COVID pandemic has kept many of us from having a meal out at a restaurant, we hope that this opportunity allows you to grab a meal and sit in our beautiful green grass for a family picnic on one of the scheduled weekends. Everyone is welcome to come, not just parishioners, so please invite your friends as well!


Also, many thanks to our Deacon Thom Winninger for arranging this fun event!


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