Nativity of Mary and the Impact of the COVID-19 Virus

Posted on March 18, 2020 in: General News

Nativity of Mary and the Impact of the COVID-19 Virus

The Church is open for prayer 6:30am-4:30pm M-F and during regular Confession times.

Dear Parishioners of Nativity of Mary, Greetings in the Peace of Christ.

We in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis just received word from Archbishop Bernard Hebda that all public masses will be canceled immediately and reevaluated at the beginning of April 2020.  I will continue to offer private masses for the spiritual wellbeing of Nativity Parishioners as well as offering the intention for those Masses that have already been reserved for that date.  During this time we are not allowed to perform any funerals, weddings or baptisms that would exceed 10 people (including the priest) during this time.  In the unfortunate event that someone passes away during this time we will postpone the funeral liturgy until we can ensure the   of all the family and friends mourning the loss of their loved one.  We want to ensure that no one is put at risk of exposure.

Our parish offices and school will be closed until we are told we can reopen them to public.  However, the staff at Nativity of Mary will be working remotely.  If you need anything, please feel free to contact any of our staff (contact information can be found at: https://nativitybloomington.org/About-Us/Parish-Staff).  Voicemails will be forwarded to the employees email so they will have access even while off site.

The Parish Church will remain open for personal prayer during normal business hours.  Please use the Handicap Accessible door by pressing the handicap button so that you do not touch the handle.  The Parish Church will be disinfected daily. 

The cessation of public worship is necessary to prevent further spread of the COVID-19 virus.  Social Isolation is the best medical weapon that we have against it.  Thankfully, this pandemic finds itself at our doorstep in the 21st century where we have incredible technology available to us to keep us connected even as we quarantine ourselves.

We have been working to diligently and quickly find the best ways to communicate with you to keep you connected to our parish community.  Starting this weekend, we broadcast Mass on our parish website: www.nativitybloomington.org . The Sunday Mass will be posted by 8 AM on Sunday morning. We would ask that you please continue your tithing to Nativity of Mary during this time as we will still need to pay our employees, bills, and normal budgeted expenses for the parish.  You can donate digitally at: https://nativitybloomington.org/Donate or mail your envelopes to Nativity of Mary at 9900 Lyndale Ave S. Bloomington, MN 55420.

Also, over this time of recommended social isolation we want to make sure that you are still being spiritually nourished and fed.  Below are several links that are great resources to bring you even deeper in your faith during this time of life where a lot of normal distractions have been completely removed. 

PLEASE share this message with others. We encourage everyone to sign up for our emails by scanning the QR code at the bottom of the email.  This QR code is also on our parish website.  We will be sending out updates as we receive them, or as new resources become available.  Attached to this email is a small booklet of compiled prayers that may be helpful to you during this time. 

If you know of a parishioner who does not have email please call them and let them know these updates.  With how quickly everything is changing on a daily, let alone hourly basis, we do not have a more efficient way of communicating with the parish at large outside of email. 

Know of my prayers for you!

God bless,
Fr. Nathan LaLiberte

Links for Spiritual Growth

You Will Have a VIRTUAL Presence at Holy Mass at Nativity
Pope Calls for Worldwide Prayer

*The sign up information if you are a parishioner is FREE of charge.  Here are the directions to access it on either your mobile device or TV streaming device:

  1. Go to the Formed.org homepage (or download the app from your app store provider)
  2. Click "Sign up" and "I belong to a Parish or Organization"
  3. Search for "Nativity of Mary" and provide your name and email address
  4. Check your email and click the link (NO PASSWORD REQUIRED)
  5. Start enjoying the best Catholic content all in one place!


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