Congratulations, Deacon Nick Vance!

Posted on May 18, 2023 in: General News

Congratulations, Deacon Nick Vance!

It is with great joy and immense pride that we extend our warmest congratulations to Deacon Nick Vance on his ordination to the sacred office of the transitional diaconate this past Saturday, May 13th. This significant milestone marks a pivotal step in his journey towards the priesthood, and we celebrate his commitment to serving God and His people. Deacon Nick is a seminarian at Saint John Vianney College Seminary in St. Paul that has been assigned to Nativity of Mary as a teaching parish for the past three years.  You may have seen him serving at Mass, speaking at Theology & Brews, or playing music at our parish retreats! 

The ordination to the transitional diaconate is a profound moment in the life of a seminarian, signifying their readiness to assume the responsibilities and duties of a deacon while continuing their formation towards the priesthood. Today, we recognize and honor Deacon Nick's dedication, perseverance, and faith as he responds to this divine calling.

Deacon Nick's ordination to the transitional diaconate bestows upon him the privilege of serving as a minister of the Word, of the altar, and of charity.  You will see him around Nativity of Mary performing some of these new roles, including giving the Homily at this weekends Masses! 

The journey towards the diaconate and priesthood requires years of rigorous study, spiritual formation, and discernment. We are so very proud of Deacon Nick for all of his hard work and dedication. As he embarks on this sacred ministry as a transitional deacon, let us keep him in our prayers. May the Holy Spirit guide and strengthen him, granting him wisdom, grace, and perseverance as he continues his formation towards the priesthood. 

A card box will be availiable this weekend for anyone who wishes to give Deacon Nick a kind note! 



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