Parish Mission This Weekend!

Posted on March 10, 2023 in: General News

Parish Mission This Weekend!

At Nativity of Mary, we have been trying to do some kind of parish mission during Advent and Lent. The typical flow has been to have a talk, followed by adoration and praise and worship, along with silent prayer.

This year for Lent, one of our parishioners asked if she could invite a good friend of hers to come and do our Lenten Mission. After asking some questions about who this person is, I found out that he is a Friar from the Franciscans of the Renewal in NYC.

Brother Teresiano Maria Madrgial has been a friar for 16 years. He is currently missioned in Albuquerque, where he helps with Fr. Robert’s Kitchen, the friars outreach to the homeless. Aside from this work, Brother Teresiano is also involved with Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats.

Brother Teresiano has been missioned in Central America, specifically in Nicaragua and Honduras, and also served one year in England. He was a prison Chaplain in Nicaragua, and worked in the prison systems in Honduras, England, and Newark, NJ. Brother Teresiano is a native of California and of Mexican descent. He spent several of his formative years growing up in Mexico. Before he entered into religious life as a friar, he worked as a Big Rig truck driver for 8 years.

Brother Teresiano has a deep love of the Scriptures, as it was through the word of God that he encountered the Living Lord. Over his years of religious life, he has also grown in his devotion to the saints and enjoys studying their writings. Brother Teresiano’s spirituality is principally informed by his life experience, his vocation as a friar, the Little Way of St. Therese and his devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Brother Teresiano, also called Brother “T”, is going to present to our community a two day mission, where he will help us to meditate on God’s Mercy and Love. I cannot encourage you enough to attend these talks and times of prayer, not only out of Lenten devotion, but also in the hopes that you will be inspired by this friar in your own walk of discipleship.

Every person has a unique way of portraying the Gospel to this world, and it is my hope that Brother T will help our parish community to see God through the lens of one who works with the poor/ the incarcerated/ the immigrant/ and those who have experienced great hardships in life. Please join me for our Lenten parish mission which will be held in our main sanctuary on:

·Friday, March 10th: 7 PM talk, followed by Stations of the Cross, adoration and some music
·Saturday, March 11th: 9:30 AM light breakfast, 10 AM talk, followed by adoration and praise and worship.


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